I began learning the flute and tin whistle while at school in Belfast and had a lot of fun in local youth orchestras and folk groups. As a student, I played in the Cambridge University Music Society orchestra and was first flute in London  University Orchestra. While working as a junior doctor in Geneva, I joined the city’s quaintly uniformed wind band, the Harmonie Nautique. In Liverpool, I was first flute in the Crosby Symphony Orchestra for 15 years, and now play with the Bristol Concert Orchestra and the Bristol Chamber Orchestra.


As well as orchestral playing, I greatly enjoy chamber music, especially in the Rockhampton Wind Quintet; previously, I played tenor in the Bristol-based Concorde Saxophone Quartet.


I also love playing jazz on the flute and saxes, currently in the Class Act Quartet and the Jenner Jazz Quartet, and previously in Mood Swings (Liverpool), the Park Row Five (Bristol) and Four in a Bar (Bristol). I’ve performed in Jazz Festivals at Southport, Thornbury and elsewhere.


Here’s some further information and some samples:


Rockhampton Wind Quintet


Class Act Quartet


Mood Swings


The Park Row Five


Concorde Sax Quartet