The Rockhampton Wind Quintet

‘Wonderful tunes brilliantly played by these talented musicians’

Review in Bristol Post of the Quintet’s recital in Bristol Cathedral, August 2013

The Quintet is named after the Gloucestershire village of Rockhampton, where we rehearse and played one of our first recitals in 2011.


The original lineup was: Sophie Cottrell (oboe), Charlie Tomson (clarinet), Margaret Putin (bassoon), Chris Pople (horn) and myself (flute). Our current incarnation has Emma Tenison (clarinet), Hazel Woods (bassoon) and Mike Lea-Wilson (horn).


Here’s how we sound:


Novelette, by Francis Poulenc (1899–1963), arranged by Geoffrey Emerson

Charleston, from Dance Suite, by Norman Hallam (b. 1945)

  • Ave Verum Corpus, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (KV618), arranged by Sjoerd van der Veen

All recorded live in Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, by Richard Jeffrey-Gray and Sam Foster, June 2019


For future concerts, see FORTHCOMING

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