I’ve always loved writing. During my academic career, I edited and contributed to numerous medical textbooks, notably the Textbook of Diabetes and Handbook of Diabetes (both edited with John Pickup), Obesity: science to practice (edited with Gema Frühbeck), and the chapter on diabetes in The Oxford Textbook of Medicine.


My real writing career began during a year’s sabbatical leave in 2009, with a book about  the history of smallpox and vaccination – well outside my previous comfort zone, but hugely rewarding. I followed this up with books about polio and (somewhat away from the mainstream) the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster. My latest book, about the history of DNA and the race to crack the double helix, was published in April 2019.

I’m currently finishing off Bright Young Thing, a novel set in the front line of medical research in the run-up to the millennium.

Bright Young Thing is coming out in spring 2020. 

And the next non-fiction book is getting under way...see below.


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