A Monstrous Commotion:

the mysteries of Loch Ness

‘Excellent … Lively and entertaining.’

A fresh and authoritative look at one of the greatest scientific mysteries of the last hundred years –

and an unexpected conclusion.


A Monstrous Commotion draws extensively on new material and tells the story of the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster to its best advantage.  This is a gripping saga populated by colourful figures from the worlds of science and exploration, who did extraordinary things in pursuit of one of evolution’s wildest cards – and sometimes took extraordinary risks with their careers and reputations.


Why were sundry professors, the Curator of Fishes at the Natural History Museum, and President of the World Wildlife Fund Sir Peter Scott, all chasing an animal that should have died out 65 million years ago? Why did the world’s top scientific journal publish an article called ‘Naming the Loch Ness Monster’? And was it just coincidence that the scientific name which Scott invented for the creature turned out to be an anagram of ‘Monster Hoax by Sir Peter S’?