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The talk felt like an evening of entertainment where I just happened to come away having learned an awful lot about a story I previously assumed I knew well.


Eleanor Mackle

Review of Unravelling the Double Helix,

Lecture at the Royal Institution, 25 July 2019

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I’m an experienced public speaker and enjoy talking about medicine, science and the history of medicine to general as well as professional audiences – whether in village halls, bookshops, summer schools or international conferences. I’ve also been the Public Orator at Graduation Ceremonies at the University of Bristol, including for the Honorary Doctorate awarded to Acker Bilk.


Talking about my books has taken me to Hay, Edinburgh, Buxton, Wigtown and other literary festivals, and to major historical and scientific meetings in the UK  and overseas. I’ve given the Milroy and Fitzpatrick Lectures at the Royal College of Physicians (London); the Charter Lecture of the Royal Society of Biology; keynote lectures to the British, Scottish and Welsh Societies for the History of Medicine; and have spoken in the prestigious lecture series at Gresham College (London) and Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore).  

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