Jenner, smallpox and vaccination: selected talks

Angel of Death: the story of smallpox

Hay Literary Festival (2010), Ways with Words Literary Festival (2010), Henry Cohen Memorial Lecture in the History of Medicine, Liverpool (2011), Gresham College, London (2012), ESCMID Conference, Verona (2013), Public Health England, London (2015)


Edward Jenner: L’héro de Napoléon

Anglo-French Medical Society, Liverpool (2011)


From Jenner to Wakefield: smallpox, vaccination and


Moynihan Society, London (2012); Haldane Tait Lecture, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (2017)


Flat learning curve – the great vaccination debate

Milroy Lecture, Royal College of Physicians, London: ‘ (2012);


Edward Jenner: a man who changed the face of the world

Cheltenham Historical Society (2013), Museum in the Park, Stroud (2016), GCHQ, Berkeley (2018), RCP 500 Lecture, Royal College of Physicians, Liverpool (2018)


Mirmillo, the Turkey Merchant and the Angel of Death

Foundling Museum, London (2014)


The apprentice and his sorcerer: Edward Jenner and John Hunter

Royal College of Surgeons, London (2015), Fitzpatrick  Lecture, Royal College of Physicians, London (2017), Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds (2019)


Here's the link to a talk I gave at Gresham College, London, entitled 'From Jenner to Wakefield: the long shadow of the anti-vaccination movement.