During my clinical and research career, I published over 200 papers, mostly on diabetes, energy balance and obesity, but with sorties into other topics including chronic fatigue syndrome and medical education.


Here are my favourite 15 papers. Some of them might not be great science, but they all remind me of good times and wonderful colleagues. 


And here are three papers with canine co-authors. All are from the Christmas issue of the British Medical Journal, which is famous for its less serious offerings. Worryingly, these dogs have published more than some senior doctors, as demonstrated by this cutting from The Times.

Case report about Squirrel Nutkin. This featured the youngest ever BMJ author as well as the first dog listed on Medline, the international medical publication database.  


Detection of hypoglycaemia by dogs. This paper had an important message: some dogs can recognise low blood sugar in their diabetic owners, even when the patients themselves aren’t aware of this. As a result of our paper, dogs are now being trained specifically to detect hypoglycaemia. 


Using chocolates to diagnose puberty. This paper has had a lasting impact on chocolate lovers the world over, as can be seen from our follow-up article